Narrative Workshop

Want to wow your clients at your next workshop? Then read on for a workshop-on-workshops! You will learn how to facilitate a workshop that drives change and then walk away with a simple and reusable framework that emerged from DevOps project experience.


The team’s been formed, they’ve been storming, so let’s start norming. Presented here is a simple methodology to support running a workshop to form a shared understanding and overarching project narrative. Reference example is planning activity ahead of the launch of a PaaS based DevOps automation project.

Training Guide

The workshop method takes inspiration from a number of sources including 1) the Kipling Method; 2) the Rider-Elephant-Path change metaphor; 3) goal attainment scaling and setting and 4) systems thinking. Step through the following Workshop Training Guide for further context.

Facilitator Guide

This is an abbreviated form of the workshop agenda that may be suitable for distribution to attendees or as a background guide whilst facilitating an actual event.


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