Edge Cases are where the Magic Begins

Entrepreneur needs a new WordPress Site to test the Market

While not committing $10/month to a Web Hosting Company.

Entrepreneur signs up to Edgible’s Free Tier plan then double-clicks install of the Edigble agent host on a spare home laptop.  Launches WordPress with a single click from the Catalogue.  The new WordPress site, e.g. “acme”, is now open for business on the Internet and reachable as https://www.acme.edgible.com ! Innovate for free using Edgible.

Manager needs productivity tools for his remote team

Free of the IP risks and T&C constraints of the commercial SaaS products.

Manager switches to opensource Jitsi launched on his desktop using Edgible. No more subscription cost blowouts, participant limitations and meeting time constraints. Everything stays on-site and so unauthorised data mining risk eliminated.

Engineer needs to fine tune large language learning model

Without moving sensitive data off-site or incurring huge GPU rental fees with the Cloud Service Providers.

Engineer builds a HayStack Machine Learning rig across multiple Edgible managed on-premise devices. Edgible supports custom Catalogue entries enabling the launch of any Docker composable application. Using Edgible, our Engineer can fine tune without fear, reusing existing local GPUs and keeping sensitive data in-situ.

Administrator needs to self-host Minecraft for his community

Avoiding having to overcome all the technical problems himself.

Administrator picks Minecraft from the Edgible Catalogue and deploys to an old AlienWare machine acting as an Edgible host. Redundant hardware repurposed without the technical fuss. Ready for gaming by the community in just a few minutes!


Site Manager evaluating edge IoT predictive maintenance strategies

Absent of the high starter costs of the proprietary rugged devices proffered by Industry suppliers.

Site Manager wires up machine probe to a redundant desktop acting as an Edgible host. IT staff can now experiment with IoT processing and analytic approaches as Edgible makes it easy to deploy and integrate edge hosted applications across the factor floor.


Student standing up environment for a progamming assignment

But in an easy, repeatable manner so that it can be reproduced quickly when needed in other settings.

Student launches prescribed DevOps tooling suite from the Edgible Catalogue on their Edgible host enabled MacBook. Environment is now portable and can be  reproduced faithfully whenever needed on any other host.



Agency seeks quick low cost way to test Customer website

Without the training, skills and costs required to use the big Cloud Service Providers.

Agency chooses Edgible as their hosting solution partner. The Agency can now quicky and cheaply launch websites on-premise as they iterate requirements with their Customer. When ready, the website can be migrated to a Cloud host for production grade quality of service.



Zero to self host Hero in under 5 minutes


Any application anywhere





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